Founded in 2016, our Group is aimed at promoting the Family’s next generations, uncovering their potential, helping their personal development, based upon skills and knowledge, their active life position, education, humanitarian functions, business innovation and similar fundamental concepts through financial coverage of individual’s and Family’s needs.

Our Objectives

The primary daily objectives of GS Finances are:

  • Ensure effective management of all the Family Members' assets
  • Guarantee customized investment strategies
  • Monitor effective costs and other controls
  • Provide transparent processes and minimize risks

The cornerstone of our Family Office is transparency and in order to maintain it, GS Finances, in collaboration with its partners, created a highly developed technological platform that allows the Family Members to have complete control over each and every asset and investment. The platform also ensures compliance with appropriate regulations, laws and tax requirements.

What We Do

GS Finances is a Multi-Family Office with an initial focus on supporting the Founders’ Family lifestyle, tax, legal and accounting matters. We also provide the Family’s Group Entities with investment research, performance monitoring, supplementary risk management and other advisory and administrative services. We guarantee our Founder tailored and cost efficient setup. This allows the Family control over their wealth through technologically effective platforms as well as access to investment opportunities and services that may not be otherwise available in an open market.

Our areas of expertise are:

Investment Advisory

Our Investment Advisory team focuses on direct investments in European and US markets. The experience and prior deal flow enables us to effectively construct portfolio solutions among all asset classes and regions, as well as to effectively organize underwriting for the borrower. In today’s changing environment we devote a significant amount of time to deployment of our Risk Management solutions, which is one of the company’s priorities, while providing any financial advice. The approach is based on a unique IT platform that helps maximize transparency of portfolio management and eventual valuation of the performance.

Direct Deals

Direct Deals

Risk Management and Investment Oversight

We pay close attention to identifying, quantifying and analysing various risks and strive to manage them in a structured and coordinated way to reduce the probability or impact of unfortunate events. Investment Oversight is an additional line of defense and monitors the quality of portfolio management and ensures independent transparent reporting to various internal stakeholders including compliance.


One of the primary functions of the Family Office is to help the Council and Ocorian (Professional Governance firm) to manage The Foundation established up by the Principals. The Foundation has been set up to provide a platform for the education and personal development as well as to encourage business innovation and entrepreneurial skills of the Family Members and ensure that a certain standard of living is maintained for the current and future generations. It is the responsibility of the Family Office to maintain and adhere to a very strict budget across all expense lines as well as investment and passive assets of the Foundation and report the results on ad hoc, quarterly, and yearly bases to the Council, the Guardian and Family Members.

Sea Vessel and Aircraft Management

With the support of our world renowned associates we maintain the technical, commercial and crew management of the group’s assets as well as newbuilding supervision. Being committed to the highest standards and continuous improvement we ensure safety and transparency to the Family Members.

Private and Commercial Property Management

In cooperation with our highly reputable associates we adopt proactive property management approach, tailored to constantly increase the capital values of commercial portfolios and maintain the exquisite level of the private properties. Acting in the best interests of the Family, we incorporate the utmost due diligence in the day-to-day overseeing, controlling and managing operations, ensuring the smooth maintenance of property’s financials, tenants, general operations, etc.

Corporate and Tax Administration of Structure

Our team coordinates day to day management and operations of the companies within the Group. We provide support on all legal, corporate and tax planning questions, either directly or with the assistance of an international qualified network of advisors. Above all we ensure all legal entities are compliant with regulator’s requirements and adhere to the required governance practices.


Our qualified professionals are ready to serve all and any accounting projects and functions of the group. We carry out tasks such as bookkeeping, preparation of accounts and financial statements, consolidations, payrolls and tax returns. In addition we handle accounting compliance matters and reporting obligations prescribed by the jurisdictional regulators and IFRS. All these functions are always handled with the strict code of professional conduct and the use of tailored, advanced accounting software that guarantees unprejudiced approach to the delicate matter of numbers.


GS Finances treasury department manages the Group’s overall liquidity in general and each entity individually. We provide transparent cash flow management, effectively reducing the overall costs of funds, mitigating possible risks and fraud. We have customized an innovative payment processing solution based upon secured SWIFT channel and Oracle® system technology, tailor-made for Family’s needs. It implements a high level of control and optimizes management and reporting of the group’s finances in multiple jurisdictions.

Our people

Due to the sensitive and private matter of our business we clearly understand the importance of people. GS Finances safeguards the Family’s interests through with an experienced management team and capable, trustworthy employees. Our team's diverse expertize in multiple fields allows timely adoption of strategies in the rapidly changing business environment. Our partners are ambitious entrepreneurs and global market leaders that add value to the Family Office team and enable even more personalized and forward thinking approach to achieving targets.

Alla Alenikova
Chief Executive Officer / Head of Advisory Committee

Alla Alenikova comes with over 20 years of experience in the financial field. She worked for top institutions in various jurisdictions devising and implementing strategies and organizing the livelihoods of UHNWIs and their families. It has been the focus of Alla’s career to make sure the interests and needs of the clients are fully addressed from managing complex active investment assets and projects as well as passive ones, to thinking through educational programs for second and third generations, art collections and philanthropy.

Alla’s earlier experiences included various roles including internship on Capitol Hill. She has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University and Master’s Degree from the London School of Economics.

In her current role as CEO Alla oversees the work of all teams in various jurisdictions and works alongside them to ensure the success of all undertakings of Family Office. The Group is working on the bases of its new Technological Platform that allows full transparency across all accounts, business and personal, ensuring proper reporting in accordance with local tax and legal rulings. In addition, through Alla’s network and experience, she is focused on bringing partners together for co-investment opportunities to capitalize on discovered niches and creating prospects for further income generation and results.

Alla works out of the Swiss office, located in Lucerne that began its operation in August 2019. Structurally it is part of the Foundation. Currently the office has 5 employees and is posed for further expansion. The office serves the needs of the Family for all investment projects and mandates, all aspects of cash management as well as provides full control from the management, operational and compliance levels. The office also delivers lifestyle support to the Founding Family.

Elena Hadjifyntani
Head of Luxembourg Office / Accounting

Elena Hadjifyntani joined GS Finances in January 2018. She has over 20 years’ experience in Financial Services industry & Family Offices and is a Chartered Certified Accountant.

Most recently she was a Director in a Family Office consulting a global Private Equity Investment Firm, providing financial and investor reporting and regulatory compliance across a range of asset classes and jurisdictions. She established and managed the Finance department ensuring best practice across operations.

In her current responsibilities, Elena has been asked to build out the Luxembourg office to ensure accounting coverage for all jurisdictions included into the Family Office Group. Now the office has 5 employees and provides accounting & fiscal services under IFRS and Luxembourg GAAP, preparation of interim, annual accounts and Financial statements as well as administration of bank accounts in Luxembourg. The team is also charged with reviewing front and back office transactions related to the investment activity of the Family Office. Given the significance of Luxembourg jurisdiction for the Group, a great deal of time is spent on a close cooperation with local providers in related tax, corporate and legal matters to ensure full compliance with local regulations.

Anna Kouchouk
Head of Cyprus Office / Corporate Administration

Anna Kouchouk has over 10 years of corporate administration experience with Family Offices. She joined GS Finances in May 2021.

Her previous position was at Foratec Cyprus Ltd group of companies, working with different jurisdictions like BVI, Lichtenstein, Italy; dealing with incorporation / liquidation of companies, corporate administration and compliance of holding, investment companies; cooperating with professionals from various departments within the organization.

Anna currently manages Cyprus office of GS Finances, with her main responsibilities being corporate administration and legal assistance within the Family Group Structure including Foundation and investment projects as well as daily operational management of various family assets across jurisdictions, working closely with the CEO.

Anna holds a State diploma in Economics and Finance with Izevsk State University, Russia.

Daniel Durrer
Operations and Compliance Manager

Daniel Durrer has over 20 years of financial services industry experience across investment banks, providers of alternative investments and Asset Managers. He joined GS Finances in August 2019.

Most recently, he was a Director of Operations and Investment Controlling at a large Asset Manager. In this capacity, he established and ran the operations and investment controlling, working with the CIO, CFO and Compliance to ensure best practice across all operational areas.

Previously, he was Head of Operations and Compliance Officer at Mastic Investment Advisory AG, building up and managing the Operations team for a Commodity Hedge Fund. He was also a member of the Risk- and Regulatory Committee.

Daniel is a certified Business Economist and holds an Executive MBA from University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland.

Our Partners

GS Finances invests its time and efforts in building trustworthy relationships with a broad network of globally recognized professionals. Our partners bring us one step closer to providing impartial and uncompromised services to our Founding Family.